Nissan 13-23, 5782 / April 14-24, 2022

Come and discover an amazing Passover, like you have never experienced before!

The kids

The resort

the pesach

the rooms

The attractions

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You have always dreamed of a perfect place to celebrate Pesach with your family, one that combines the customs and Hiddurim of Chabad, together with a relaxed and peaceful resort on the beach…

Luxurious and well-equipped five-star rooms // Option for a luxurious suite with a private pool // Torah shiurim and farbrengen with Chassidim // Gym, Spa and an Olympic-sized pool during Chol Hamoed // Toddlers pool, babysitting and children's playground // Chef gourmet meals under strict Lubavitch hashgacha // Chabad shul, Seudas Moshiach // Excursions, shows and entertainment for all ages // Water sports activities

and a private beach on a nearby island belonging to the hotel …

the International Chef

Yohanan Lambiasy

the Soul singer

Aharon Sitbon

the children's star

Magician Shlomiko

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הנופש מאורגן ע"י חברת
C.H.W Glatt Kosher Travel
ובכשרותו המהודרת של
הרב אברהם ברוך פעווזנער,
רב קהילת ליובאוויטש פאריז, צרפת
– כל הבשרים שחיטת ליובאוויטש וגלאט בית יוסף
–  פסח לחומרה, ללא חשש קטניות ושרויה
– ללא חשש שמיטה, פרות וירקות יבול חו"ל בלבד


in case of border closure

Drinks Hot/Cold


Private Beach

For Hotel guests


Directly To The Town Airport


Full time

Gym & Spa

Men's / Women's Hrs

Chef's meals


No sheruya & kitniyot